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Strawberry Disco

Spooky Strawberry Crew

Spooky Strawberry Crew

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The image is the color of crewneck that will be sourced for your order. The size and style you choose will dictate what style of the crewneck you receive is. Each order will be sourced to look as close to this example product as possible!

Strawberry Disco sources all of our apparel from thrift stores as a more sustainable way to sell clothing. Once thrifted, the clothes are laundered and then an iron on design is added to the piece of clothing. Due to this, each piece is one of a kind! Another added bonus of this method is that if you don't see what you want in your size, you can let us know and we can source exactly what you're looking for!

The style choices (men's, women's, kid's) refer to the sizing of the garment. If you prefer a unisex style please choose the men's option.

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